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Brazil is the world’s largest exporter of sugar, coffee and orange juice, and the world’s 2nd largest exporter of soybean, ranking it the leading agrarian country in the world.

Brazil’s Commodity Production

Furthermore, Brazil houses the world’s largest arable land package – the Cerrado, where much of the increase in global food production is coming from. Brazil’s growing agricultural sector is fuelling demand for fertilizers. Brazil is already the fourth largest consumer of agro-minerals in the world and as a result of limited domestic supply, the 2nd largest world importer of phosphate. The growing demand for phosphate-based fertilizers creates attractive opportunities for local producers of phosphate, who are able to offer farmers high quality products at significantly lower transportation and logistical costs and with no exposure to fluctuations in exchange rates.

Brazil’s Surging Economy
Brazil is one of the fastest growing emerging economies in the world. With large agricultural, mining, manufacturing and service sectors, Brazils’ economy ranks highest among South American countries and very high amongst the leading economies in the world. In recent years, Brazil’s economic growth reached the third highest after that of India and China demonstrating the potential of this economy. In years to come, Brazil is expected to move from being the 8th largest world economy to becoming the 5th largest. But concern lingers, as Brazil’s food production is vastly outpacing fertilizer production.

Phosphate Imports vs Domestic Production
(Millions Tonnes Product)

Lacking a sufficient local supply, Brazil has become one of the world’s largest importers of agro-minerals with 90% of potash consumption and 50% of phosphate consumption coming from overseas.

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